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We provide AI software solutions that augment decisions to make your business more efficient, effective and agile.

We make your business more...


What used to take an army of resources and time will be automated and give back all that time and resources back to your business. You tell us about your business processes and let us connect the dots for you.


We help your business become much more effective and self-sustaining by taking away all the repetitive tasks inside and outside of your business. The increased productivity will be put back into your business for higher ROIs.

03 / AGILE

We work with you from day one on delivering solutions matching your needs and data. It scales as your business grows. In the meantime, we are going to be part of your team to deliver results quickly. Consider us as the problem solvers.

By providing services in 3 areas

01 / Automation

Decision support systems are going to becoming a ~$2T industry by 2025. This allows for automation in parts of your business on daily repetitive tasks. 

02 / NLP

Whether it's your call-center call logs or customer interactions that you would like to have deep insights into we got you covered. 

03 / AI-driven analytics

By combining the worlds of the structured and unstructured data worlds we build more powerful algorithms to help your business make more effective decisions in real-time.

AI continues to be the main drivers of technology

in 2019 to become a $2T in size by 2025. 




Cortera was co-founded in 2018 by experienced AI and Machine Learning experts Turgut Jabbarli and Samud Ahmadov. They have a unique vision to make AI accessible to everyone at speed.


Cortera is aiming to make AI technology accessible to every single business in the world.


Cortera's technology is inspired by the most recent advancements in AI and Machine Learning fields with its deep roots inside the academic world with its team members being mentored by one of the best on the field of AI.


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