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Making AI Accessible to businesses at speed!


B2B Data


Data Management

It takes enterprise companies from 6 to 36 weeks to onboard a single client for them to start using their solutions. This is a huge lost opportunity in terms of revenue, cost, and client experience. With our suite of solutions and services, you can expect to automate at least 60% of the process. Call this a robotic process automation.

Take advantage of our data validation, verification, and matching solutions. In some cases, we have seen our client's employees redirect more than 55% of their time into more productive work. 

Document Processing

Have a lot of data but not useful for any kind of analysis for useful insights? We will deliver various document processing NLP tools to help you understand the data you have in a more structured way. Deliver more concise reports by using our text extraction services.

Expect us to operationalize AI in the fastest way so you can start seeing results and return on your investment. You can get real-time support from our team of experts for the fast and effective adoption of our solutions.



“We had a great experience working with the Cortera team. The integration between the groups was seamless, and it felt that we are part of the same company. We successfully launched a couple of AI services, which help to elevate our customer experience in our products.” 

—  Alex Corotchi, VP of Technology



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